Other Individuals Who Were at The Copacabana the Night that Rico Shot Tony (or vice versa) But Whose Presence Was Apparently Not Significant Enough To Warrant Inclusion in Barry Manilow’s Song Regarding Same Despite the Fact that They All Witnessed, Were Sufficiently Traumatized By and Received No Compensation For the Flying Punches, the Chairs Being Smashed in Two and the Ensuing General Mayhem.

- - -

Nancy (she was the head cocktail waitress and just back from what was then considered a generous four-week maternity leave; she wore the standard waitress uniform: a red tuxedo jacket with tails and a satin collar, a black mini skirt, black pumps and a red sequined bow tie)

Dorothy, Arlene & Shirley (they were all cocktail waitresses; each wore what Nancy wore though it was mutually assented that Shirley wore it best)

Vince (he was a barback (or runner) and Tony’s nephew who was staying with Tony after running having some trouble at home and Tony’s sister decided he needed some time away from the city and the tutelage of his uncle; he wore black Converse Chuck Taylors)

Luisa (she was Lola’s sister; she just had to stop by the club and retrieve her house keys from Lola, who had been cat-sitting for her while Luisa was visiting her in-laws in Baltimore)

Wayne, Judy, Ernie and Vi (they were dairy farmers from upstate New York who were vacationing together; it’s always weird when you vacation with another couple, I mean, there’s positives like saving costs and the guys get to do their thing like playing golf or looking at antique cars while the girls get to do their thing like shopping, but there’s also cons like so many more people weighing in on even the most inane decisions and just generally couples operate at a different pace like that night at the Copacabana when Wayne and Judy rolled out of the motel dressed like swingers (she with this fur halter top thing and jeans with fringe down the side seam) while Ernie and Vi (her name was “Viola” but she went by “Vi”) were more true to their country roots wearing sensible slacks and western-themed shirts because seriously, Judy, what the fuck is with your outfit? I mean, just because you have turned our dairy community into a regular Peyton Place doesn’t mean you have to act like a trollop all over the continent)

Gloria and Chet (they too were vacationing—their first together since leaving their respective spouses; he wore bronze cords and a polyester shirt with a photo-quality stallion with a wind-blown mane on the front and she wore a mint green shirt-dress with a white patent leather belt, plus they both had nicotine stains on their fingers)

Phil (he was a UPS driver and always stopped by the Copacabana after his 12-8 swing shift; he wore his UPS uniform and black work boots)

Dave (he too was a UPS driver who always stopped by the Copacabana after his 12-8 swing shift; he too wore his UPS uniform but with black tennis shoes)

Theresa (she worked in the coat check room; she wore a tube top that gave her what Jennifer Lawrence now refers to as “armpit vaginas”)

Russell (he was the dishwasher so he was nowhere near the crowded floor when all this went down; he wore the standard kitchen uniform which was white shirt and white pants)

Jim, Andre and Bruce (they were line cooks (the Copa served standard appetizer fare, and during happy hours, which was before Lola worked, they had those Sterno-fueled trays of finger foods like mini-wieners and meatballs; they wore the same white shirt that Russell wore but as cooks, got to wear those black and white checkered pants which are so ubiquitous in the restaurant industry)

Maria (she was Tony’s then-girlfriend; she was accustomed to Tony’s wandering eye but nonetheless wore a look of disgust at Lola’s suggestive cha-cha and merengue “moves” (frenetic gyrations were more like it) while she shamelessly flirted with Tony; Maria wore a backless black chiffon number with a silver ankle bracelet and leopard print pumps)

Deborah and Darlene (they were twins who were at the Copacabana celebrating their 25th birthday while bemoaning the fact that they were both still single; they wore feathered hair and matching sweaters with rainbows that arced from the one sleeve, across their bosoms and over onto the other sleeve and both went a little overboard on the Love’s Baby Soft perfume)

Peter and Naomi (they were Maria’s parents and they were all there at Tony’s suggestion that he, Maria and them go out to celebrate Maria’s promotion at the phone company; Peter wore gray slacks, white shirt and a navy blazer while Naomi wore a sweater with butterflies on it that she got at the outlets)

Wendy, Hillary, Sheila and Barb (they were graduate students getting their masters in education at the state university down the road; they wore loose fitting cowl neck sweaters and jeans along with mutual looks of both exhaustion and elation after completing the oral portions of their comp exams)

Matt, Jack, Ted and Paul (they were also students, undergrads, at the university and usually went to Murphy’s on Thursday nights but heard the Copacabana had good Buffalo wings; they wore spread-collar shirts of varying colors and in varying striped patterns though looking back, I think Ted’s was a plain mustard color with no design except maybe some fancy brown stitching around the pocket and Paul was on the cusp of throwing popcorn at Wendy’s table when the shots rang out)

Lily and Rita (they were billing clerks at the phone company who were now Maria’s underlings and were there to bemoan Maria’s promotion; Lily wore a puffy pink silk blouse with those tie things in the front and Rita wore a western-themed blouse with a subtle pastel plaid and they both wore the signs of their years of dedication to the phone company on their faces.)

Cindy and Rich (they were both occupational therapists and on their way home from the American Occupational Therapy Association Convention; they both still inexplicably wore their conventioneer lanyards)

Mary Ellen, Bill, Rhonda, John, Douglas, Joan, Neil and Camella (they were teachers at the high school there celebrating the end of the midterm examination and correction period; they wore what you would expect teachers to wear out on a Thursday night after a day of proctoring and correcting standardized state exams and Camella left pink lipstick rings on all of her cigarette butts)

Tomas “Tic Tac” Iglesias (he was the bandleader; he wore an ill-fitting and sweat stained tuxedo)

Tito, Bernard, Alfonse and Steve (they were musicians in Tic Tac’s band; they all wore tuxedos too and Bernard, the saxophonist, also wore his saxophone around his shoulders and Alfonse the steel drum player wore callouses on his palms)

Eric (he was just there in the lounge area playing darts so I guess it would be appropriate to say he was a dart player; he wore jeans and an Aerosmith concert T-shirt)

Willie (he was playing darts with Eric; he wore jeans a New York Jets jersey)

Brenda and Eddie (they stopped by for a quick drink after buying some paintings at Sears; she wore his varsity jacket and he wore a Parkway Diner T-shirt)

Lester (he was the maître d’; he wore a pencil in his ear and a shirt cut down to here (gesturing that Lester wore the equivalent of cropped shirt))