Woolen Macchiato

Mulled NyQuil

Turkey Gravy Spritz

Wet Leaves Tea

Cabernet Flavored Emergen-C

Nutmeg Flavored 5-Hour Energy

Leftover Halloween Candy Cold Pressed Juice

Stuffing Shots

Road Salt Rimmed Margaritas

Fell On The Long Island Iced Tea

White Russian Fur Hat

Apple Picking Martini

Chai Whiskey

Baked Ham-onade

Candy Cane Colonic

Pot Pie Smoothie

Yam and Tonic

Pine Needle Old Fashioned

Orange Clove-Filled Mochaccino

Latke Bombs

Butternut Squash Shake (serve in gourd)

Candy Corn Infused Water

Fresh Squeezed Egg Nog

Green Bean Red Bull

Yellow Snow Pomegranate Fizz

Mashed Potato Vodka

Special Edition: Harvest Ipecac