“Here’s to being the world’s largest subnet!”

“The thing they haven’t figured out yet is how [laughing] — how do you connect the memory to the USB port?”

“We chose gold to represent this portion of the module. I know you were expecting green.”

Guy in yellow golf shirt: “It’s going to be the next PCI.”
Guy in blue golf shirt: “OR, is it ALSO going to be the next Fibre Channel?”

Man, to woman walking through lounge area: “Nice boots!”
Woman: [keeps walking]
Man No. 2, running up behind woman: “What’d that guy say?”
Woman: “He said nice boots.”
Man No. 2: “Oh! I thought he said nice boobs.”

“Thanks for coming to this Infiniband luncheon. Or, should I say, Infini-feast!”

Guy #1: “What giveaway did you guys have?”
Guy #2: “Dog-shaped stress ball. You?”
Guy #1: “Vibrating card holder.”