Mme. Darcy, marketing manager, who officially selected the new cologne to be fumigated in the Abercrombie & Fitch stores of the Mid-Atlantic region.

M. Koski, architect, who signed off on the design of the support pillars for the new Camden Aquarium parking garage.

M. Xu, potash magnate from Hebei Province, China, who just purchased a Bally leather satchel at the duty free shop in Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport.

M. Willis, corporate attorney, who discovered a food-delivery app that both remains usable from his Blackberry and includes his favorite Thai restaurant.

Mme. Monroe, English teacher in Busan, Korea, whose most recent lesson will ensure that the majority of her students remember the word “bunion” for the remainder of their lives.

M. Lakhani, software developer, who has just reached a complete understanding of the rules of international test cricket, as in force prior to October 2011.

M. Waterloo, physics graduate student, who for one fleeting moment had discovered the theoretical model for how to produce cold fusion, thereby potentially eliminating world demand for fossil fuels, before being distracted by a television advertisement for the new Gillette Mach3 Razor.

Mme. Iweala, auditor, who became the only person to ever read and understand Title 26, Section 1472(e)(4)(II) of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

M. Nowak, graphic designer, who finished restoring a vintage skee ball machine in his garage.

Mme. Ogburn, freelance travel writer, who invented a new adjective for how to describe Bali.