Wrong turn through unexpected suburban neighborhoods.

Free admission to no-petting menagerie of glass at Grandma Doris’s condo.

Overnight accommodations in enclosed space near screaming baby.

Rust Belt Motel 6 boasting heirloom Frosted Flakes.

The visitor center of broken exhibits serving 0 million visitors a year.

5-day road trip through bucolic backroads and bad Yelp recommendations.

Breathtakingly cold water in locals-only municipal swimming pool.

The Goddamit-We-Paid-a-Lot-of-Money-So-Quit-Crying Amusement Park.

Historic B&B with peeling paint and… is that cat pee? It’s definitely cat pee.

Don’t-miss state park campsite near drunk racists who enjoy loud sex.

Staycation in living room, nestled between eatery (kitchen) and spa (bathroom) with all the comforts of home.

High school reunion featuring wine coolers and vengeful scene policing.

Mother-In-Law’s beach house featuring whimsical maritime knickknacks and rustic potpourri.

National monument with more stairs than a stair factory.

Immersive, authentic experience in depressing town you left at age 18.