It’s like a regular school, but much smaller. In fact, it’s so small that there’s only room for our own children and our friends’ children.

Tuition is $50,000 per year (financial aid not available at this time).

We call our school Puer Minima Insulated Arca Archa, which is Latin for “Tiny Insulated Child Box.”

We regret that we cannot serve children with autism, dyslexia, asthma, nut allergies, sadness, excitement, or other conditions because that sounds hard.

Young thought leaders with no needs besides occasional hunger or thirst are welcome!

We help children start businesses. Learning facilitators provide laptops, whiteboards, business plan templates, Post-Its, and early access to an entrepreneur’s despair.

Our rooms are called studios because the word “classroom” reminded us of a silk mill.

Students sit in beanbag chairs filled with heirloom beans.

Our learning facilitator-student ratio is 3:1.

Our 3D printer-student ratio is 1:1.

Our school uniform is a black turtleneck and jeans.

Our school mascot is a bitcoin.

Our school’s website has many images of lightbulbs, thought bubbles, molecules, arrows, gears, and staircases.

We track student progress with proprietary software that other schools can buy. Public school administrators: please dip into funds earmarked for tissues and books and buy this thing we’re still beta testing!

We sent Malala Yousafzai a Twitter DM that said, “Hey, Malala. Love your work, but we’ll take it from here because we opened this microschool. How about a tour?”

We can’t wait to tell her about our scalable solution to world hunger: the microgrocery store.

We’re nurturing the next generation of titans. We hope one day they’ll insert themselves into industries in which they have no experience, just like we are doing. It’s one big cycle!

With great privilege comes great responsibility. Stay tuned for our rollout of other microsolutions to climate change, racism, sexism, gun violence, and poverty!