Listening to The Beatles

Eating cereal

Playing a Game Boy

Playing a Playstation

Talking to a girl

Dancing with a girl

Going to a movie with a girl

Being friends with a girl

Kissing a girl

Dating a girl

Joining the football team

Quitting the football team

Refusing to show my penis to other guys in the school locker room


Drinking a beer

Not drinking a beer

Using deodorant



Not showing any specific emotion on my face

Listening to someone

Refusing to throw a rock through a car window

Asking a question in class

Answering a question in class

Applying to college


Growing a beard

Keeping a journal


Saying I didn’t like the movie Black Hawk Down

Saying I did like the movie Black Hawk Down

Attending Mass

Skipping Mass

Being in the play Our Town

Drinking milk

Drinking water

Walking behind someone

Walking in front of someone

Walking near no one in particular and being spotted across the street by someone

Asking not to be called “gay”