Fat drunk man wearing tee shirt that reads “Grandma Spoils Me” flipping off token booth employee.

Microscope enlargement of those bugs that live in eyebrows, lashes, etc.

Blind man selling off-brand “Plenticell” AA batteries and “Max 3” disposable razors.

Angry young lesbian with acoustic guitar hollering political slogans.

Animated rat eating garbage between rails narrowly escapes approaching train. Has silly expression on face.

Burned out mid-level advertising executive pointing out discarded handgun.

Controversial artist Barbara Kruger looking content and in a great mood.

Happy family on vacation wearing “I Love NY” shirts, urinating on side of Rockefeller Center and laughing.

Series of evacuation routes for all five boroughs.

Me waking up at three in the morning and eating cereal while I stand absentmindedly at the living room window.