“Ancient Assyria”
“Sacajawea Coin”
“Columbia Quadrangle”
MLA Style”
“Wowie (Ironic)”
“MoMa PS1”
“Bernie Sanders Sha Na Na”
“Gentrified Bodega”
“Ivy League Meme”
“99% Invisible”1
“George Saunders Reference (Annotated)”
“Plagiarized Epitaph”
“Bichon Frosé”
“Semester At Sea”
“Durban Sombrero”
Hamilton Ticket Lottery”
“Sans Serif”
“Plié on Words”
“UN Ambassador”
“Mona Lisa Smile”
“Gowanus Canal”
Garden State (Great Movie)”
“Judaica Flea Market”
“Patrick Wilson Episode of Girls

1 Okay, so this one is literally just an episode of 99% Invisible