Fresh from the successes of such films as Bad Teacher (2011), Bad Grandpa (2013), Bad Moms (2016), and the upcoming Bad Santa 2: Bad to the Pole (2016), Miramax, LLC is excited to announce the acquisition of the production rights to all future Bad Cinematic Universe movies. The first film to continue in the footsteps of these movie masterpieces will be the recently cast spin-off Bad Dads, and Miramax Films will release approximately two new BCU movies per calendar year in perpetuity. Here is a release date calendar for the first batch of BCU experiences…

Title: Bad Dads
Release Date: February 2017
Synopsis: Joel McHale and Jason Sudekis star as Dustin Hoffman-in-Kramer vs Kramer-inspired Bad Dads in this raunchy, R-rated spin-off of 2016’s runaway hit Bad Moms. From a father-son camping trip gone awry at a neighboring nudist colony, to a new father losing his baby in the streets of NYC on a very important business trip, Bad Dads promises all laughs and zero unresolved conflict! Brad Pitt makes a cameo, maybe.

Title: Bad Trip
Release Date: May 2017
Synopsis: On the eve of marijuana legalization in Utah, one Mormon entrepreneur (Alison Brie) is robbed of her crop. Her only hope is a pair of best friends Elder Mike (Hannibal Burress) and Elder Vic (Michael Peña), driving west through the night with ten pounds of Michigan’s finest. This will be one bad trip that won’t require any brown acid!

Title: Bad DJ
Release Date: April 2018
Synopsis: Fame and fortune is just one dropped beat away for aspiring EDM DJ Braelyn Rogers, played by former Vine star Matty Z in his feature film debut. He works at Molly’s, a trashy Las Vegas club, where the gruff manager (Vin Diesel) hosts open laptop nights. When one of his sets blows up on Tumblr, talent agents come calling. If he can overcome his penchant for oversharing on social media, crippling molly addiction, and feelings for femme fatale music blogger Melissa Diplo (Jennifer Lawrence), he might earn a spot in the first Electric Daisy Carnival.

Title: Bad Hospice Patient
Release Date: November 2018
Synopsis: Bad Hospice Patient tells the heartwarming tale of a cantankerous, elderly, terminally ill hospice patient (Eddie Redmayne) who finds a way to connect with her attendants, and eventually her children, through a series of escalating mean-spirited pranks that eventually turn into generous acts of kindness.

Title: Bad Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
Release Date: September 2019
Synopsis: In this comedy-turned-psychological thriller, peculiar things start to occur in the locker room when Melanie B., a quiet, undiscovered cheerleader (Zoe Kazan), wins a coveted spot on the Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleading squad. At first it’s all fun and games, but when one of the captains, Melanie Q. (Alice Eve), gets injured in a seemingly freak pom-pom accident, some of the other cheerleaders — including Melanie I. (Rachel McAdams), Melanie O. (Amanda Seyfried), and Melanie ∆. (Lacey Chabert) — and Dallas Cowboy football players, star quarterback John Melanie (Miles Teller) and his veteran center Melanie Maloney (Kevin James), take it upon themselves to investigate.

Title: Bad Reindeer
Release Date: November 2019
A spiritual sequel to the Bad Santa movies, Bad Reindeer follows an outcast who gets a gig as a department store reindeer over the holiday season. A womanizing, booze hound with a keen sense of people’s weaknesses, he picks fights with the children he’s hired to entertain and incessantly hits on their moms. A new Mrs. Claus is hired following a not-so-accidental public urination incident involving him, a balcony, a funnel, and the original woman playing Mrs. Claus, and his destructive actions are challenged for the first time in his life. The movie is told completely from the perspective of the reindeer, who is also a French Bulldog. The main character is a dog. This is a movie about a dog who dresses up as a reindeer.

Title: Bad Actors
Release Date: March 2020
Synopsis: Dedicated Method actors Shia LaBeouf (James Franco) and James Franco (Shia Labeouf) both audition for the lead in the celebrated Terrible franchise, only to be told that they will have to share the part! That is, if the production survives the prank war that ensues. Steven Spielberg makes his comedy debut as their acclaimed director who helms the film as a bar bet with Seth Rogen. Bad Actors promises to be a biting Hollywood satire that embodies the very excesses it attacks, or maybe vice versa.

Title: Bad Olympics
Release Date: Optimistically Slated for Early Summer 2020
Synopsis: Bad Olympicsis set to be the Bad Cinematic Universe’s first ensemble movie event. Set in the near present of 2016, all of your favorite Bad characters travel to the problem-ridden fictional city of Badrio to compete against the globe’s baddest talent for the title of World’s Worst Olympians. After arbitrarily choosing a rival team to be compared against, the Bad U.S. Olympic Team torments the Russians by replacing their drinking water with pool water, poking holes in their Olympic village condoms, and setting their alarm clocks one hour back. When the competition doesn’t go nearly as planned, the Bad U.S. Olympic Team learns that being bad takes cooperation and that, sometimes, you aren’t as bad as you think.