Roh way, Raggy. Roh way on your rife am I retting raccinated. Rot on your rife, Raggy!

Why? Why? First, ris is my rody. And because it is my rody I have a rod-riven right to ret rabies. Rod rave me the right to ret rabies, to ret rick, and to go rotally rat-rit crazy if I so roose—and I so roose, Raggy!

Recondly, it is also my right to rive you rabies, Raggy. If I ret rabies and reel a reed to rite your reg, then that’s my right! My reedom repends on my right to rite your reg and ruin your rife. Ret rover it!

Rirdly, rut do you really row about the rabies raccine, Raggy? Rid you row that it has ragnets in it? Rid you? Rid you know that it has 5G ricrorips in it? Rid you? I ron’t want the rovernment rowing rare I am! I ron’t want roasters and rinfoil and the Rystery Rachine sticking to me, Raggy. My rody, my roice, Raggy!

Rourthly, why am I rescriminated ragainst from roing to roovies and restaurants, Raggy? Sure I may have rabies and rinfect or rattack everyone but ron’t I have a ronstitutional right to ree Rider-Man and reat rood in rublic, Raggy? Am I in a roncentration ramp rover here? Who’s the razi here, Raggy, who?

Rifly, while I ron’t rake the rabies vaccine I do redge to rake rivermectin recause I have no roblem ringesting a reworming raste for rorses. It rerked for Roe Rogan so it’ll rerk for me, Raggy.

Rastly, I reard from a riend who reard from a guy at a stereo rore that his riend’s riend’s rife’s rog got the rabies vaccine and ren couldn’t have rids. Do you ront that rate for me, Raggy? Do you? I ront to have rildren—should I so roose! The rovernment has raken away my reedom to be rick and now they’re raking away my reedom to reproduce. Not on my rotch, Raggy! Not on my rotch!