“This, this was something special.”

“You had the goods, with a little work on endurance you could have brought it home.”

“A wonderful talent. Just not fully baked yet.”

“I could sense the tension, as you worked each required element.”

“A clean performance.”

“You milked everything you could, it’s the only way to hold out against a strong field.”

“Like a cat! Stuck that landing! Meorw!”

“You fought for that.”


“Whatever happens, whatever the score, you’ll always have this moment.”


“The legs aren’t quite firing.”

“You didn’t pull out the stops. Too slow. I would have really liked to see you throw caution to the wind here and love the way we all know you can love. "

“I can’t help but feel some gigantic mistake sucked the life out of this. "

“What I’m saying, is I wished you had brought some of that fire from the short program to the long program.”

“That’s all choreography.”