Rebecca Allsopp, Aldercar Community Language College, Derbyshire.

Rebecca talks of her dream. It’s early on a snowy morning. She’s walking along a long road in wet and muddy clothes. She reaches a stable where a beautiful black horse awaits her and she rides for more than an hour. It is wonderful and she wants to ride the horse again.

- - -

Kelly Jones, Wolverhampton Girls’ High School.

Kelly’s day starts at eleven o’clock and there is no school. She is to travel here and there in America playing baseball, but always on the winning team. Her father, Kevin, a large, strong man, whom she loves dearly, will be with her as they build sand castles and go to the cinema.

- - -

Robert Harrap, Northamptonshire Grammar School.

Robert invites Tokugawa Ieyasu and the Meiji Emperor to a flower viewing to discuss the closing and reopening of the country. He hopes that after they will be able to write commemorative haiku and he will give them suitable presents (a world map and a history of the twentieth Century) at the end of the event.

- - -

Thomas Carter, Westminster School, London.

Thomas has a friendly Dragon living in a box under his bed. At night the Dragon flies away leaving Thomas sad and lonely and won’t say where he has been.

- - -

Nasreem Adham, Coulsdon College, Surrey.

Nasreem daydreams of a peaceful magic wood with talking trees and animals where she meets her friend, Eric, who has special powers with fire which he taught her and a dwarf with powers of spirit who gave her powers of water. One day a witch caused Eric and the dwarf to lose their powers. They fought the witch and eventually won back the wood to live happily ever after.

- - -

Irum Aslam, Westwood High School for Girls, London.

Irum starts by having her long hair done before setting off by private helicopter to visit Niagara Falls, a Japanese hot spring, Hollywood (for shopping), the North Pole, etc. She’ll eat the most delicious food prepared by top chefs including Belgian chocolate. Finally she’ll be an Oscar winner!