Cook a seductive homemade third-century Roman meal of millet and turnips lightly drizzled in your finest vinegar

Enjoy the thrill of a full-day beekeeping course

Delight in the magic of a 5 a.m. Latin mass

Titillate your mind and learn about an amorous topic such as epilepsy or the plague

Relish a night of passionate role-play and re-enact Saint Valentine healing his jailor’s blind daughter

Whisper scripture to each other

Luxuriate with a physical and spiritual health treatment through three days of fasting and prayer

Bask in the sensuality of full immersion baptism

Enchant each other with a heart-to-heart about how to proselytize a violent pagan emperor

Revel in the playful mystery of an escape room where the room is a coliseum, and you need to escape malnourished lions