Bar 11 Sign-in at the Door
Cost: $40 (includes earplugs)

By turning up the music to an unbearable level, we compress the first three dates into one during this two-hour open bar. Bring: Your A-game pheromones and sassy body language. Leave: Your anxious self-absorption and mindless first date chit-chat. Observe: With no way to hear each other, you will find out quickly if he is a dancer, a wallflower, or a bourbon-neat nurse. Exit: Quickly or with the man of your dreams!

Speech Therapy (your kid’s)
Private Event
Cost: $150
(Out-of-network, 1 hour total fighting with your
insurance company for the balance of last year’s invoices)

Peek-a-boo, he saw you! Don’t worry, everybody is on this website. Bring your kid to the next appointment and see if you can leverage that red-hot embarrassment into something even hotter!

Sadie Hawkins Parkour in Brooklyn
RSVP a must
Cost: $35,
(Upscale casual attire suggested)

We “pre-place” your highest male matches on the top, seemingly unreachable, level of this Parkour studio. Use the trampoline, ramps, or swing on the rope to run, catch, and kiss the man of your dreams. If you have no luck, at least you will be in better shape for next time. Lol, next time.

Hudson Valley Oneg Party Bus
Cost: $75 per trip
(Seasonal June to August),
Includes free tiny cups
of Manischewitz wine and rugelach
RSVP 2 Hours Prior

It’s getting lighter later, and you know what that means: later Shabbat services. Get down before sundown in this party bus that will spend a summer of Fridays hitting Reform temples from Yonkers to Chappaqua.

Port Authority/Grand Central Bus Station
No RSVP necessary

We gave you all we have to give. The odds at this venue are slightly lower but very similar to ours. Grab a cup at Dunkin’ and see if you can snag a divorced dad, too. Depends on whether you want to relocate to New Jersey or Westchester.