Good morning to you; you have kept me waiting long enough.

What! Eight? Why do you come to my room so late?

Do not say that, for it would do you an injury.

You are never punctual, and have always very bad excuses to give. Let me see if my linen is white.

Sir, be so kind as to move a little to the side, I have not room enough.

I must tell you beforehand, that if I take you into my service, you must be exact in the execution of my orders; and if you happen to get drunk, I shall discharge you at once.

Have you any wine, which is not acid? The French wine are in general too acid for English.

Peter, you have forgotten a knife and fork, and a napkin for that gentleman!

Anthony! Desire them to serve dinner; tell the cook.

Waiter! Light these Gentlemen.

I want some medicine, some salt, rhubarb, calomel, blue pills. Have you fresh leeches? These do not bite. Please to change them for others.

If you give a trifle to the housemaid, she will wait upon you attentively, and will also clean your shoes and boots.

That is a dreadful price; it is exorbitant.

I should not like the trunk to be stolen on the road.

Postilion, mind you go slowly when the road is bad, and when you make a turn; we do not wish either to be jolted or overturned.

Do not drive so near to that precipice.