Why did the sex robot fail out of electrical college?
Because she blew a fuse!

Why did the sex robot have to go to electrical college?
Because her outer casing was cube-like and distributed heat poorly, and apparently no one wants to make love to a cold, rectangular prism.

Why was she designed that way?
Because originally she was supposed to be a new kind of dishwasher that you load and unload through a little slot in the front, one dish at a time, and the dishwasher figures out where to put the dish for optimal cleanliness, but the inventor realized that actually making such a thing was too hard, so he abandoned the project and sold the prototype to a sex shop for fifty bucks.

Did that cover the money he originally spent on parts?
No. Not even close.

Was the sex robot at least good at sex?
No. She could barely wash dishes.

Then how did she blow a fuse at electrical college?
That wasn’t a euphemism. While she was taking the final exam, she blew a literal fuse, cutting off power to her language centers. She was actually doing really well on the exam until that happened.

Will they let her take the exam again?
No. The proctor didn’t realize that it was just a blown fuse, so he called some people from the dump, and they came by and threw her in a trash compactor. Now she’s nothing but scraps of lifeless matter.

What happened to the scraps?
Most of them are in a hole in the dump. Some of the remaining metal was recycled, melted down, and eventually used in the undercarriage of a Toyota Camry.

Well, at least now she might pass her final exam! Like, if someone took her unfinished exam, and put it in a car, and then the Camry passed that car? Like on the highway?
Please don’t joke about this. A sex robot has died.