“The Shadow of Your Cave Wall” – Tony Bennett (J. Mandel/P.F. Webster/Plato)

“Being and Time In a Bottle” – Jim Croce (J. Croce/M. Heidegger)

“Stop Believing” – Journey (J. Perry/J. Cain/N. Schon/A. Camus)

“Highway to Hell Is Other People” – AC/DC (Young/A. Young/B. Scott/ J.P. Sartre)

“Penises” – ZZ Top (B.Gibbons/D. Hill/F. Beard/S. Freud)

“Anima House” – Stephen Bishop (S. Bishop/C. Jung)

“Abyss On My List” – Hall and Oates (D. Hall/J. Oates/ F. Nietzsche)

“Freedom(Is an Illusion)” – Wham! (G. Michael/J. Calvin)

“Man In the Mirror Stage” – Michael Jackson – (G. Ballard/S. Garrett/J. Lacan)

“The Sign” – Ace of Base (J. Berggren/J. Berggren/L. Berggren/U. Ekberg/C.S. Peirce)