CHAPTER 2: SpeedGrader

CHAPTER 3: Using Class Time for Conferences

CHAPTER 4: They Love to Talk About Their Web Behaviors

CHAPTER 5: Extemporaneous Freewrites and Not Grading Them

CHAPTER 6: Booking Library Instruction

CHAPTER 7: Flipping the Classroom

CHAPTER 8: Awarding As Many A’s As Department Policy Allows

CHAPTER 9: You Really Should Learn Their Names Tho

CHAPTER 10: Extemporaneous Small Group Work and Not Grading It

CHAPTER 11: Nothing Will Be Done After Thanksgiving By Anyone

CHAPTER 12: Just Add Seven Points for Revisions Make It Ten What the Heck

CHAPTER 13: Don’t Think About Your Future

CHAPTER 14: Just Stop Thinking About It

CHAPTER 15: Srsly Ask Them About Social Media and Just Shut Up Till Class Is Over and You Can Nap

CHAPTER 16: Treats On Eval Day

CHAPTER 17: Booking Your Next Gig

CHAPTER 18: Your Family Loves You Keep Going

CHAPTER 19: How Much To Drink Over Holiday Break

CHAPTER 20: Telling People You Teach English at _______ University

CHAPTER 21: Selling Plasma

CHAPTER 22: Applying to Physician’s Assistant School in Middle Age

CHAPTER 23: Rotisserie Chickens Are Still Cheap

CHAPTER 24: Outsourcing Marketable Listicles As Student Assignments

CHAPTER 25: You’re 40 Now Man IDK You Can Probably Do Drugs Without Anyone Blaming You

CHAPTER 26: The Three Main Appeals — Logos, Pathos, Ethos

CHAPTER 27: The Rhetorical Triangle