Hunt and fuck?

Watch fire and fuck?

Use wheel and fuck?

Self-flagellation and pray?

Avoid plague and discuss chastity?

Gladiator fight and converse?

Toil the fields and commiserate?

Magic lantern and regale each other with riveting conversation?

Talkies and chew the fat?

“Abbott and Costello” and make whoopee?

Drive-in and leave room for Jesus?

Movies and hook up?

Mix tapes and gab?

The latest Madonna CD and chillax?

Whatever’s on TV and catch up?

VHS tapes and shoot the breeze?

DVDs and chat?

YouTube and hang?

TiVo’d Top Chef and relax?

Netflix and chill?

Immersive virtual reality and connect?

Space flight and seek intimacy?

Trans-universal travel and desperately try to remember how to awaken human emotion?