JUNE 15, 2011



Today we had math before lunch and we were studying shapes with lots of sides and the other class came in to sit with us and then when we got to lunch some people’s desserts were missing and Annie didn’t have her cookie and Robbie didn’t have his fruit roll-up. The other class left and later Annie and Robbie were crying and because of that and the way that the other teacher is really strict sometimes, the other class is annoying. Mainly I just want to say that I think they are stealing our desserts in math class before lunch.

The Current Situation in Class

The other class has one main bully named Louis who sits off to the side. He is the biggest kid in there and he doesn’t really know the shapes not even the difference between a diamond and a rectangle but he likes dessert and I think he is taking desserts from us when his class comes in here to learn math with us. He has a way of doing it that I think the teachers aren’t noticing but I think I notice and it is not because I am not paying attention in math I am paying attention I can tell you what a rectangle is and a diamond and a circle and even a right triangle. I was even listening today when we learned about a hexagon which is a shape with six sides like a part in a beehive.

Methods of Operation

Louis can steal the desserts from us because he has kind of two teams. Kevin and Kieran and Paul sit up in front and they make lots of noise and ask lots of questions like is a rectangle called the same thing when it’s standing up or on its side and Sam and James and the other one whose name I don’t remember sit way in the back near the cooler where the lunches are. They take the desserts. Sometimes Kieran asks two questions in a row and then starts coughing and I look back instead of looking where he is and James is sitting with Sam only and that other kid is missing and then later Robbie is missing his cookie and he doesn’t say anything to you because he’s scared that maybe he lost it because he loses everything but I don’t think he lost it I think that that other kid whose name I don’t remember took it from his lunchbox.

They will just keep doing it because they like dessert especially the cookies that Annie has and Robbie’s the fruit roll-ups that are like kind of grapey. Once Sarah L. even saw Louis eating one of those grapey ones during recess.

Routes of Infiltration and Supply

Louis doesn’t just tell the other kids to take our desserts but he also eats them and doesn’t even give them to Kieran or Sam or James or any of the kids who are helping him to steal them. Once I saw Sam and Louis standing out in the playground and Sam said something to Louis about how it wasn’t fair and Louis punched him in the stomach.

Also Louis has other kids who will listen to him in case Kieran or Kevin decide that they won’t listen to him anymore. It’s because he’s the biggest kid in the class and I think he’s mean but he doesn’t know shapes at all not even the hexagon which has six sides like a snowflake.