Does Mary Bates know about changing toner?

Does Alison Greave know about forwarding bogus virus warnings?

Does Fred Davis know about displacing blame onto colleagues?

Does Mike Barnes know about mentioning marathon times?

Does John Dolan know about skimming?

Does Amy Goodwin know that vodka is not completely odorless after being metabolized?

Does James Pike know far too much about Galt’s Gulch?

Does Paula Nantz know her supervisor’s lab results carry grave implications for both of them?

Does Bill O’Keefe know about the tracking device his wife installed on his car?

Does Lisa Tellick know her friend is secretly sabotaging her when recommending certain outfits?

Does Peter Kerns know his purchase of status items will eventually be his sole source of pleasure?

Does Jane Wilson know her perfect fiancé will have her crying herself to sleep in three years?

Does David Speck know that bugs aren’t really crawling on him?

Does Doris Schiff know that despite her employee award she is ultimately alone in a pitiless universe?