Are you a believer in the Montessori principle of child-led learning? Has a fellow parent undermined your hard work by throwing a birthday party that featured a magician that hoodwinked his audience into believing that he had achieved fantastical feats, inflicting irreparable harm upon your child’s sense of order?

Many prepared parents find themselves struggling to reconcile their misremembered feelings of “wonder” and “excitement” at magic shows they endured in their youth, with their now educated views on child-rearing. If you find yourself in this position, you need The Montessori Magician.

The Montessori Magician Birthday Package is an all-inclusive, four-hour party experience that provides plenty of time for concentrated, child-led exploration to unlock the real magic of self-confidence and independence. You will find no tricks here, just magical activities that meet your child wherever they are on their learning journey.

A few of my most popular magical activities:

Dove Pan

Traditionally: The illusion of turning a flaming piece of paper into a live dove inside a serving pan

This activity focuses on the sensory elements of each item used. We discuss the pan’s smooth silver metal surface and the dove’s white feathers, allowing the children to feel and observe the birds.

I place the pan’s lid over the dove and then quickly remove it to reveal that the dove is still there. This reassures the children’s sense of object permanence and allows them to feel secure in their expectations of the outcome. When the doves fly away or relieve themselves in the home, it merely opens the door for further avenues of learning.

The Box & the Saw

Traditionally: The illusion of sawing a woman in half

This degrading illusion is, of course, not one that children should ever see. To begin with, children should have the ability to fully participate in any activity we present to them, which is why I provide functional hand-held saws, hammers, nails, and wood for the children to manipulate.

Once presented with the necessary tools, I give the children space and observe what their imaginations lead them to do. Sure, some of them may build a traditional box, but you will be surprised with what unconventional and creative paths they take while exploring with a hammer and nails.

Instead of tricking children into thinking I have mutilated an assistant, I guide them to an opportunity for practical construction or destruction, whichever best fits their current phase of development.

The Quick Outfit Change

Traditionally: The illusion of quickly changing one’s clothes

As with all Montessori learning, this activity relies on parental assistance and preparation. I ask that all children in attendance come equipped with Montessori dressing frames (link to $49.99 set available upon request) and multiple button-down garments.

As there is no practical purpose to disrobing at an alarming pace, I place a magician’s vest on a dressing frame and demonstrate slowly unbuttoning and re-buttoning the vest. I then encourage the partygoers to button and unbutton the vests they have brought.

This activity lasts for forty-five to sixty minutes.

Revealing a Card from a Deck

Traditionally: The illusion that a card secretly selected can be picked from a deck.

I lay the deck of cards on an open shelf where they are free to pick a card if they choose. They may also choose from various wooden stacking rings, geometric shapes, and a large drum. If the children choose a card, they may also choose to memorize it through auto-education, the practice of teaching one’s self. I do not try to guess which card they chose; I simply encourage them to show me their choice and repeat the name of the selected card back to them.

Afterward, each child places their card neatly back in the deck in numerical order.

Magic Rings

Traditionally: The illusion of making two solid rings appear to interlock and separate

I give the children metal rings. Typically, they bang them together.

Of course, on the day of your child’s party, your little one will be leading the way. If they show no interest in my Magical Activities, then I will respect their choice by allowing them to run around as they please.

All deposits are nonrefundable.