Episode 1 – “The One With All the Tweets”

Chandler receives a prescription for OxyContin after he throws out his back trying to adjust his standing desk. Meanwhile, Joey lands in some hot water on Twitter when he complains in an interview for Soap Opera Digest that the #MeToo movement has become a witch hunt. Ross struggles to get by as an adjunct professor. Rachel returns to the U.S. from Rome to start her MBA at NYU and is unable to make long distance work with Paolo. Monica’s boss at the restaurant cancels her birth control coverage because of his evangelical Christian beliefs. Phoebe joins Antifa.

Episode 2 – “The One Where Everybody Ghosts Phoebe”

After finding Rachel on Hinge, Ross agonizes over what his opening line should be. He finally settles on “Hi.” Jezebel publishes an article detailing allegations of sexual misconduct against Joey made by a former understudy in a much-maligned off-Broadway play. Joey is fired from Days of Our Lives. Everybody ghosts Phoebe.

Episode 3 – “The One Where Ross and Rachel Text for a Few Days”

Chandler loses his job after his boss catches him snorting crushed pills in the office bathroom. When he unwittingly buys hypnosis tapes for heroin addiction, however, the others begin to notice some strange behavior. Monica’s competitiveness surfaces when Chandler insists she knows nothing about scoring dope. Joey plans an apology interview on the Today Show, but it is mysteriously canceled after he can’t get in touch with his friend Matt Lauer. After a disappointing networking mixer for her MBA program, Rachel decides to answer Ross’ Hinge message. (Richard Branson guest stars.) Phoebe is sad when the other members of Antifa don’t come to the karaoke night she organized.

Episode 4 – “The One With the Group Therapy”

Monica tries to cram as many dates in as possible before her birth control coverage lapses, but when her boss keeps spotting her with different men, she finds herself in hot water. Chandler is offended that she doesn’t ask him out during her “man-binge.” Estelle recommends that Joey go to a rehab facility in New Mexico for sex addiction, but he’s kicked out after he shares in group therapy that he doesn’t see what the “Black Lives Matter people” are so upset about. (Tiger Woods guest stars.) Ross weirds Rachel out by changing his relationship status on Facebook after they do hand stuff.

Episode 5 – “The One Where Rachel’s Just Cold a Lot”

Ross and Rachel’s nascent romance gets rocky when Ross discovers that Rachel’s Instagram is public and her nipples are visible through her shirt in almost all of her photos. Rachel, in turn, finds flirtatious texts on Ross’s phone to a student named Elizabeth. They break up. Monica tries to get back in her boss’s good graces by claiming to be born again, and she finally asks Chandler out as a ruse to pretend that she is volunteering as his sponsor. The Gellers are horrified to hear that Monica has converted to Evangelicalism. (Elliott Gould guest stars.) Phoebe is kicked out of Antifa after she sews crafty name tags for all the members.

Episode 6 – “The One with the Divorced Banker”

Unemployable, Joey moves back in with Chandler, who teaches him how to administer Naloxone injections. Joey seems unusually familiar with the process from when he “mentored production assistants” on DOOL. Ross tries to get a job teaching high school but is fired after a student reports that he sent her inappropriate texts; he claims that he thought she worked there (“she was MATURE!”). Monica runs into Richard on her way out of Planned Parenthood and doesn’t realize that her boss saw her leaving, too, until he fires her for getting an abortion. Chandler is offended that the baby wasn’t his. (Tom Selleck guest stars.) Wedding bells are in the air when Rachel hits things off with an investment banker during a job interview. Trying to ingratiate herself with the Antifa members, Phoebe discovers her real mom.