Get vaccine up to date, pleases and thank yous.

Obtain the Visa that is for tourist.

Whenever entering room during Olympic, shout first, “Here I come in room!” so no one shooting at you when you go in room.

Please allow Russian ice skaters to win.

If you find the suitcase of money, please leave suitcase of money where you find suitcase of money. Many thank you.

Please do not enjoy.

All of the skiers must get in the hole now.

Please say thank you to Magda for the teeth in the soup.

We have no ticket to biathlon for to watch. Watch only heteroathlon.

Will you help push taxi? Get out. Push taxi. Now pay driver.

Putin make good babysitter. Give all babies to Putin. What babies? I do not remember you giving babies to Putin.

Weather is nice now. Stay inside until horn blows.

Good morning. You have new wife.

Pietrov will place your memories in convenient memory cavern.

The bread is not for you. You have the snow and the wood.

Do not worry. No one is already in your suitcase.

The Olympic is a time for holding hands with other nations. Please do not hold hands.