Will I associate thee to a solstice diurnal?
— See Shakespeare

A thingamajig of gorgeousness is a buzz incessantly.
— See John Keats

Since I could not sojourn for bereavement/He benevolently congested for me.
— See Emily Dickinson

Nozzle is a sprinkler is a representation is a rosette.
— See Gertrude Stein

Optimism helixes undying in the anthropological breast.
— See Alexander Pope

Footfall melodiously because you trample on my hallucinations.
— See W.B. Yeats

Plus a long way to attempt before I siesta.
— See Robert Frost

In what way do I affection thee? Let me total the customs.
— See Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The nipper is progenitor of the dude.
— See William Wordsworth

Do not drive placid into that suitable dusk.
— See Dylan Thomas