1. “Pay attention.”

2. “Don’t you dare answer that phone.”

3. “Move to your right.”

4. “That was a little risky.”

5. “You need to signal before you do that.”

6. “Pull out slowly.”

7. “How many times do I have to tell you that you’re going too fast?”

8. “You’re getting close to the line there.”

9. “I am relaxed.”

10. “Stop!”

11. “That’s going to leave a scratch.”

12. “I’m not comfortable right now.”

13. “Oh my God!”

14. “Didn’t they teach you this in school?”

15. “This is why people take a class.”

16. “Turn on the lights.”

17. “Turn off the lights.”

18. “You’re very tense, loosen your grip a little.”

19. “Quit comparing yourself to your brother.”

20. “That’s a tight squeeze.”

21. “Try waiting for the other person next time.”

22. “Wet conditions may cause you to lose control.”

23. “Aiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!”

24. “Right there, right there, right there! No, you missed it.”

25. “You’re not listening.”

26. “Use the mirror.”

27. “It’s okay, accidents happen.”

28. “We’ll work on it again next weekend.”

29. “Good job.”

- - -

Husband: 1-21, 23-28
Daughter: 22, 29