The President-Elect’s choice for Housing Secretary has no housing experience.

The President-Elect’s Commerce Secretary is known as the “King of Bankruptcy.”

This is going well.

- - -

The President-Elect’s Education Secretary wants to privatize public education.

The President-Elect’s Environmental Protection Agency leader is a climate change denier.

Everything is fine.

- - -

The President-Elect’s Attorney General has a track record of using hate speech.

The President-Elect’s National Security Advisor says fear of Muslims is rational.

This Administration will represent everyone.

- - -

The President-Elect has declared bankruptcy for four of his companies.

The President-Elect paid $25 million dollars to settle his fraud lawsuits this month.

The President-Elect is a terrific businessman.

- - -

The President-Elect threatened to sue media outlets and open up libel laws.

The President-Elect would prefer that a certain SNL skit and a certain unflattering photograph not be shown.

Freedom of the press is secure.

- - -

The President-Elect has fat shamed dozens of women on social media.

When someone says “grab em’ by the pussy!” or says it’s okay to call their daughter a piece of ass, they are quoting the President-Elect.

No one respects women more than the President-Elect.

- - -

The President-Elect promises to immediately deport between two and three million undocumented immigrants.

The President-Elect once ate a taco salad.

The President-Elect loves Hispanics.

- - -

The President-Elect’s chief strategist is an anti-semitic racist.

The President-Elect did not win the popular vote.

The President-Elect will make America great again.