Listening to the waiter tell you about the specials even though you picked out your entire meal online on the way to the restaurant.

Opening a gift you already own.

Opening a gift that you don’t want to own.

Hearing gossip “for the first time” that you actually already knew about.

Telling your friend that you like their new boyfriend.

Saying, “Right here is perfect,” to your Uber driver even though your destination was five houses back.

Assuring a telemarketer that you’re perfectly happy with your current cable package.

Pretending to be successfully hypnotized so as not to embarrass the hypnotist who picked you as a volunteer from the audience.

Performing in a middle school production of Seussical.

Saying you really liked that middle school production of Seussical.

Any answer to the question “How are you?”

Sitting still when the wedding officiant asks whether anybody objects.

Feigning taking out your credit card to pay for dinner.

Telling a customer that you’ll “check in the back” for the product they’re looking for, even though you know it’s not there.

Miming that you’re going down a staircase behind the couch.