Ohhhhkayyyyy, who made this Hand Turkey? Seriously, who did this? Not to be a freak, but this Hand Turkey looks like he would treat me BAD. In a GOOD way. I’m not even being horny right now; this Hand Turkey just gives off a vibe that I like. It’s not even a weird thing. It’s just that this Hand Turkey looks like he would be cool too, you know? Like, this Hand Turkey gets mad ass but doesn’t brag about it. This Hand Turkey fucks.

We could even make it work, like, long term. It might start out purely physical, but eventually, we’d become friends after spending so much time together. It wouldn’t be like a “meet my parents” type of thing unless that’s what the Hand Turkey wanted. I don’t want to rush anything. Ha. I guess I do want Hand Turkey to meet my mom. Not my dad because he’s kind of a dick, but my mom for sure. I think we could just chill around my mom’s kitchen island and talk shit, you know? Have a glass of wine and reminisce. My mom and I do that a lot. Hand Turkey would be able to hang.

Look, I don’t want to put any pressure on what might or might not happen, but I think there’s something bigger here. I don’t know. Maybe this Hand Turkey doesn’t see me that way. That would be cool too. I think I could be friends with Hand Turkey. I KNOW I could be friends with Hand Turkey. I feel like Hand Turkey would value friendship first and everything else second. That’s what I’m talking about with the vibe! Hand Turkey gets it and gets me.

I want to take a trip with Hand Turkey. He seems like he’d be cool to travel with. The key to traveling with someone is to not get on each other’s nerves. I think Hand Turkey’s travel style is laid back. He wants to experience the culture and food. Hand Turkey is just like me in that way. Plus, it’d be rad to have someone to get drunk with in a foreign country. Maybe go to Belgium? Drink too much beer? Eat too much chocolate? Make some mistakes? Some mistakes that we both want? Sexually?

I don’t want to make it weird between us! I just want to be honest. Hand Turkey seems like he values honesty. I want to make it easy for Hand Turkey to get to know me. I feel like I already know Hand Turkey, though. Hand Turkey knows me. He never lies or tries to tell me what I want to hear. Hand Turkey wants the best for me and would never put his own needs above my growth. And that’s what makes Hand Turkey so sexy to me.

I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. It’s only been a few minutes. But how much time do we even have? Anything can happen in an instant. We can be erased in a moment, and after a while, there’s no one to even remember our memory. It’s like, “Ahhh, live in the moment!”

But that’s scary. Everyone is scared of that. Everyone except Hand Turkey. What the heck? I need to at least try. If I don’t try, I’ll always regret it. But maybe… Hand Turkey and I were meant to be like this. Maybe we weren’t meant to be anything other than a girl and her craft. Maybe we can continue existing like we are in this very moment; nothing closer, nothing further apart. We can remember the time we had. And maybe, that’s enough.