Dear readers,

Here at The True America Institute, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of accuracy and integrity in our communications. Thus, we find it necessary to correct a few small errors that appeared in Friday’s newsletter. The newsletter, titled “Critical Race Theory: The Looming Menace Coming for your Children,” was meant to inform concerned parents like you about the dangers of the new racist ideology called Critical Race Theory (CRT), but may have inaccurately claimed that CRT “forces innocent children into drug-soaked Satanic orgies” and leads inevitably to “indescribable horrors of violence, abuse, and cannibalism.” We regret the errors.

To clarify, Critical Race Theory is a frightening form of reverse racism that will teach your children to hate themselves, their race, and the Western cultural heritage that has made America great, not a frightening occult resurgence that preys upon your children, perverts their minds, and aims to destroy the faith in God that has made America great. That is Satanic Ritual Abuse. The two things are different and should not be confused.

We have heard that this small hiccup makes it appear that the words “Critical Race Theory” were inadvertently plugged into a pre-prepared template on a different topic. In particular, claims that "New Mexican kindergarten teachers made young children take hallucinogens and do Critical Race Theory in the light of the full moon, smearing themselves with fresh goats’ blood to surrender their innocent minds to evil spirits“ seemed difficult to square with what they had previously heard about CRT, a radical movement among academic legal scholars. Several readers went so far as to ask if we cynically maintain a collection of such templates, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice to stoke fear and outrage based on the moral panic of the moment.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our team strives to present the bare facts and let you make up your own mind. We research every story exhaustively and follow the evidence wherever it leads. So we too were disappointed to find that last Friday’s newsletter alleged that "Critical Race Theory in schools would lead to situations like one reported in a small Ohio suburb, where students were forced to carve demonic runes into the skin of their classmates with an obsidian knife and drink deep of their own mingled blood from a stone chalice in a ritual to raise Satan himself from the depths of Hell.” But we ask readers to stop their absurd speculations that our new intern Jeff had opened a file from the wrong folder, perhaps the “ComingForYourChildren.template” from the “Occult” folder instead of the “Reverse Racism” folder (when even the ComingForYourChildren.template files from the “Communism,” “government indoctrination,” or “Urban Predators” folders would probably have been ok).

Because speculation like that implies we have a collection of templates.

Which again, we do not.

We stick to the facts, and there’s no way we could have known how much of a threat Critical Race Theory would pose until we had investigated it thoroughly. So we understand it’s confusing that we seem to have prepared a narrative for a completely separate issue in advance, as if we would fit current events to our pre-ordained fear-mongering narrative rather than reporting the facts as they are. In truth, we have no idea how our newsletter came to claim that “Critical Race Theory forced schoolchildren in South Dakota to eviscerate their classmates and offer their internal organs on pagan altars to ancient demons of fire and hate.” It is entirely inexplicable.

The last thing we would ever do at the The True America Institute is blithely pile onto a disingenuous fear campaign, spreading deliberate disinformation about nonexistent threats to distract attention from the very real issues facing society and our very real lobbying efforts to exacerbate them.

Please be assured that future newsletters will return to our high standards immediately. Stay tuned for this Friday’s edition, “Will PC Gender Police Cancel YOU Next?”

The TAI Editorial Board

PS: Please join us in congratulating Jeff as he moves on to pursue new opportunities!