Fantastic news, everyone. Pat yourselves on the back, rest your tired feet, and cancel all of your recurring donations to racial justice causes because we did it! We fixed racism in this country, and now we can finally stop talking about racial inequality and get back to our delicious brunch. Wealth gap, schmealth gap. Order some poached eggs and dab on the haters because the Good Politicians are back behind the wheel, and the sun is shining on America. Guitar riff!

Although this country was established as a white society, founded upon the genocide of an indigenous population, and built through the enslavement of yet another population, we can all agree that the main issue here was our most recent president. So let’s ease up on the introspection and start asking some tougher questions like, “Where should we go for brunch?” and “How can I post a photo of myself eating brunch with my friends during a pandemic without getting criticized?” This is where the real organizing begins, y’all.

It’s high time we got back to a political ruling class that has the good sense to do its deportations and drone strikes in a discreet way. We’ve gotten rid of an administration that didn’t listen to scientists and didn’t believe in the existence of systemic racism. Finally, we’re back to leaders who understand the urgency of climate change and rising economic inequality. They will proceed to use that understanding to do basically nothing to fix either problem. That’s the America that’s been missing these past four years. The rollercoaster of the previous administration is done, and we’re now aboard a slow, incremental wagon that won’t feel like it’s moving at all.

Just kick back and let our new benevolent monarchs do their thing. The fight for racial equality has been won for crying out loud. Don’t worry about all of the systemic, racist voter-suppression that tainted the election that just happened. More importantly, don’t concern yourselves with the fact that those same suppressive mechanisms preceded the last president and are still there, awkwardly lingering in the background like big, racist Babadooks. Hell, our country’s voter suppression tactics are as old as the country itself, but try not to focus on all of that.

Focus on the fact that the nasty cheddar man is gone! Forget about the fact that almost half the country supported him. He’s gone now, and so are his supporters, like racist candle flames snuffed out by the winds of progress. Our work here is done. Go take a photo holding hands with a police officer and caption it, “Healing.”

Now that our government looks a little more like The West Wing, it’s time for you to disengage, demobilize, and most importantly, chillaaaaax. The adults are back in the room, and they know what’s best for you. And these adults will reach across the aisle and work with the people who repeatedly enabled and propelled the previous president — the same people who are also responsible for the conditions that led to the previous president in the first place! But now, it’s time to work with them and neglect to make any meaningful changes to your lives. That is what good governing looks like.