Bill Bradley (Former New Jersey Senator): Has firm handshake.

Barbara Boxer (California Senator): Favorite word is “moist.”

Bill Clinton (President): Longs for days when things were “fab.”

Diane Feinstein (California Senator): Asks aides to call her “mommy.”

Jesse Jackson (Director Operation PUSH): Has wicked curveball. Also, a “slurve” delivered from a three-quarter-arm position that breaks in on right-handers.

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg (Daughter of John F. Kennedy): Has understated sex appeal.

Hillary Clinton (New York Senate candidate): Is the First Lady of the United States.

Al Gore (Vice President/Presidential Nominee): Lactose-intolerant. Also, holds no real convictions.

Barbara Streisand (Democratic Strategist/Singer/Actress): Married to James Brolin. Also, suffers from stage fright. Additionally, has reputation as something of a control freak. Furthermore, Producer/Director/Star of Prince of Tides. Moreover, used a combination of smarts, pluck, talent and guile to overcome traditional Hollywood notions about beauty to become one of the greatest stars of her generation.

Edward Kennedy (Brother of John F. Kennedy): Even in side view mirror, head still appears large.

Warren Christopher (Former Secretary of Defense): Middle name is “Lenore.”

Richard Gephardt (Missouri Representative): As a child, had a toy plastic pony named “Pretty Pegasus” that he would move across the kitchen table, making clip-clop, clip-clop trotting noises as his mother prepared lunch of tomato soup and a toasted cheese sandwich. Sometimes, at the afternoon picture show, he would place Pretty Pegasus on the seat next to him and offer Pretty Pegasus sips of soda and whisper secrets to Pretty Pegasus about how someday, one day, he too would be a star.

Joseph Lieberman (Vice Presidential Nominee): Is Jewish.