1. Reminding everyone that he’s “super swamped,” although with what, exactly, remains a mystery.

2. Insisting on a lunch brainstorm session, then only contributing while chewing.

3. Updating his Fantasy Basketball team’s dismal point guard depth.

4. Emphasizing “we’re still playing catch up” while loudly slurping coffee.

5. Eating your yogurt in the shared fridge, despite being clearly marked with your name.

6. Replying-all with GIFs from 30 Rock.

7. Moaning “don’t even talk to me about Monday right now” on Thursday.

8. Complaining about how the client just doesn’t “get it.”

9. Starting conversations with “so, seen any good movies lately?” despite not having seen any movies lately.

10. Facebook messaging Jen all day, mistaking it for flirting.