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Shows You How

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In this space, Sarah Walker offers excellent and specific instructions for essential activities in your everyday life, such as bullfighting and performing tracheotomies. These lessons will improve your standard of living by one hundred percent. She accepts your thanks and says you’re welcome, it’s the least she can do for being blessed with such knowledge.

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How to Detox (1/7/2016)

How to Babysit (12/7/2015)

How to Plan Your Proposal (3/21/2014)

How to Choose Your Bridesmaid Dresses (6/28/2013)

How to Pleasure Your Partner (6/6/2013)

How to Watch Game of Thrones (3/29/2013)

How to Cat-Sit (1/29/2013)

How to Cook a Turkey (11/21/2012)

How to Fly (9/21/2012)

How to Make the Most of Your Island Vacation (7/18/2012)

How to Have a One-Night Stand (3/29/2012)

How to Ride a Train (11/14/2011)

How to Beat the Heat (8/12/2011)

How to Spend the Day Before the Apocalypse (6/7/2011)

How to Take Criticism (3/7/2011)

How to Cure a Hangover (1/10/2011)

How to Take a Compliment (11/18/2010)

How to Go House Hunting (10/6/2010)

How to Train Your Dragon (6/11/2010)

How to Save Money (4/27/2010)

How to Perform a Heist (1/29/2010)

How to Befriend a Celebrity (12/10/2009)

How to Make the Impossible Possible (9/22/2009)

How to Title Your Novel (6/16/2009)

How to Taunt (4/9/2009)

How to Do a Celebrity Impression (2/2/2009)

How to Perform a Tracheotomy (7/25/2008)

How To Roll Out Of A Moving Car. (12/18/2007)

How to Be a Bullfighter (8/9/2007)

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