1. This is a mob! They’re attacking us! We won’t be intimated into allowing women to vote.

2. Did you see those angry mobs in Seneca Falls? Imagine if it were an angry mob of men? Just imagine what people would say!

3. Even though some of them are attractive and pleasing, I will never support the right of women to vote.

4. The Jews paid for the suffragettes’ signs. They were not made in farmhouse crawl spaces with love.

5. These suffragettes are the most despicable thing I’ve ever seen in politics. Boy, you all want power. God, I hope you never get it. I hope the American people can see through this sham.

6. Radical suffragettes have turned into an angry mob, but the ladies who oppose suffrage are good, strong women.

7. The very rude steam-powered engine screamers are paid professionals only looking to make Senators look bad.

8. Men own women’s bodies and thousands of Black people are being lynched. It’s such a scary time to be a white man.

9. The real slut whore drunks of this movement is the men who oppose suffrage. Men are the real victims, always and forever.

10. These things always blow over. Anyway, what’s really exciting is how this suffrage movement has fired up the base. Now we can be sure that, as well as not giving women the right to vote, they also won’t ever be able to own property without their husband’s permission, and rape will still be legal. What a great time to be an American!

11. Don’t give matches to these suffragette arsonists! They have become too EXTREME and DANGEROUS. VOTE AGAINST SUFFRAGE!

12. The tactics of the suffragettes have backfired. So thanks to the clowns for helping us. It’s smart to focus on the tactics of the suffragettes and ignore the substance of their movement. It’s clever to pretend to be deeply concerned about suffragette strategies and call them bullies so that you never have to address a culture that treats women as less than human. We’re totally on the right side of history here.

13. Women aren’t devastated about not having the right to vote. You have a lot of women who are extremely happy. A tremendous amount of women.

14. There are many reasons women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. We will fight against these radicals agitating for women’s right to vote. And we will win.