That mattress store uptown on the corner, the one under the scaffolding next to the western clothing shop. (On 5 lists. 33 points.)

The western clothing shop, the one next to the mattress store. (On 7 lists. 26 points.)

The West Village hardware store that only sells fuses and ironing boards and closes at three and is not open weekends. (On 8 lists. 19 points.)

The new dog-grooming place on that lonely block near York. (On 6 lists. 29 points.)

That new Cuban restaurant downwind from the live poultry market that’s pretty much underneath the Williamsburg Bridge. (On 2 lists. 61 points.)

The swimsuit-only store on Third Ave, in the upper 60s somewhere. (On 12 lists. 14 points.)

That Billyburg movie rental place that only lets you take movies out for one night and then doesn’t have a drop slot and also doesn’t rent TV shows but does for some reason have all those Hammer Horror flicks. (On 7 lists. 23 points.)

Whatever fills the dead zone that is 504 Sixth Avenue. (On 1 list. 74 points.)

Either/or: two locations of RadioShack or two locations of Zales. (On 4 lists. 42 points.)

The boutique dress shop downtown near the gas station where the taxis go. (On 3 lists. 58 points.)

The pizza place in Chinatown that’s next to that martial arts gym. (On 3 lists. 56 points.)

Three ironically named and/or themed East Village bars. (On 7 lists. 22 points.)

The Internet café on Eldridge. (On 2 lists. 63 points.)

Trump University. (On 16 lists. 4 points.)