1. If sitting is the new smoking, you nine-to-fivers are suckin’ em back like there’s no tomorrow. Studies show that long periods of seated inactivity have been linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and even early death. So get out of those chairs and on to those treadmills — it’s easier than you think!1

2. “What about standing desks?” No way, jose! The results are in: standing is bad for you too. So unless you want lkp;ower back pain, don’t just stand up while typing—follow my lead and start mp0opving your body!

3. Walking burns calorieaaaaaaaaaca, so why wait to hit the gym when you can do it while firing off a few emails? Kill two birds with one stpne!

$. Exercise isn’’t just great for your body—it’s great for your minf!1 Whether you’re interval training like me or going at a steady paaAAAAAAacewreef, turn that frown upside down with some good old-fashioned cardiovasscaluzlrik;exalfkj

5, Last but not lea , aa walking improves job satisfaction. So fire up that computer, hop on that treadmill, and start doing the finest work of your careeeeq3!r