Good morning and yom tov, fellow Jewish blood brethren! On behalf of all of us here on the Supreme Council, I’d like to welcome each and every one of you to 5778’s Annual Rosh Hashanah Satanic Conclave. It’s been quite the year for string-pulling, shadow financing — hell, just for general machinations overall — and I want to first thank you all for really putting in the extra work in kicking off what I think will be our greatest Western Cultural Purge to date. I mean this from the bottom of my heart: we couldn’t have done this without your tireless scheming.

In terms of public outreach, I think our Hate Crime Hoax Unit did a particularly bang-up job. According to the forged data they supplied to the media and other outlets, anti-Semitic “occurrences” have soared across the board. In New York City, we convinced the NYPD of a 110% increase in reported incidents within the first two months of the gentiles’ 2017 alone! Great work, guys. This has done a fantastic job of really throwing the general public off our trail while we further our conquest of American society. I hear that many of them actually think this is some of the highest levels of anti-Jewish sentiment since before 1933’s Great Hoax! Incredible work.

On a bigger level, the Shadow Government really knocked it out of the park with this sham White House administration. I know a lot of you raised an eyebrow when we chose people like Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, but I want to shine a spotlight on them there at the back table. Steve, Sebastian — please take a stand. No, no, you earned it. These two mole operatives spent years supposedly advancing white identitarian ideals and nationalist jingoism to the forefront of America’s dialogue, further ensuring that the goyim are distracted with bigoted fervor while the Shadow Government puts the finishing touches on replacing all of Congress with our recently-acquired shapeshifting reptilian slave army. I know of few people more devoted to the cause of Jewish domination — Gorka even spent time with an obscure Hungarian Nazi-sympathizing political party, going so far as to walk around wearing one of their medals! That’s method acting that some of our Hollywood brothers and sisters still struggle to achieve. Great job, you two. You’ve more than earned your condos on our Moon Base.

As for social media infiltration, well, I think that speaks for itself. While everyone is in a titter about Acolyte Mark Zuckerberg potentially running for “President,” Facebook’s ad targeting has allowed us to "market specifically to “Jew Haters.” Our enemy database is now that much more thorough in time for the Reckoning. Also, I’d be remiss in not admitting that PewDiePie’s success has gone far beyond what I thought possible. I know I was initially on the fence about employing an Aryan traitor as YouTube’s biggest star, but man, did he pull out all the stops with those Nazi jokes. On top of that, those subtle jabs at our Media Division by saying that we were “out to get him?” Genius, pure and simple. He’ll be spared sacrifice at the Reckoning, for sure. Goes to show that even the Chief Elder Rabbi is wrong sometimes!

I know that sometimes, at first glance, these all might not seem like the most straightforward approaches to overthrowing capitalism. Heck, some of our choices might sound plain counter-intuitive, bordering on nonsensical. But that, my brothers and sisters, is the key to our success after all these generations. Dizzying plots and logistically inconceivable feats of conniving are our matzoh and butter, people! And, if I may be so bold, I predict that 5778 will be the year it all falls into place for us. Now, let’s top off our goblets of Christian babies’ blood and raise a toast to this past year and all its successes. Praised be to Mammon!