Puzzling But Harmless:

  • The Invisible Pirouette: A sort of half-turn with some kind of imperceptible flourish that for some unknown reason should be considered exceedingly impressive.
  • The Failed Simulacrum: Your last action is mimicked as closely as possible, which is usually not all that closely.

Destructive But Not Dangerous:

  • The Henry Fonda Switchblade Stab: An unexpected object is stuck sharply and without warning into some other inanimate object.
  • The Jenga Finale: Some recently-constructed tower is razed in the loudest conceivable way.

Dangerous to Self:

  • The Toonces Finale: Your child rolls or steps off of a medium to high surface onto the floor.
  • La Quebrada: Your child attempts a proto-swan dive off the window sill or dining room table.

Dangerous to Others:

  • The Madman’s Discus: Something is hurled, discus-like, across the room.
  • The Wild Thing Vaughn: Something is hurled, baseball-like, across the room.

Reap the Whirlwind:

  • The Bond Villain’s Device: A clear smirk, followed by a minor movement that, clearly intentionally, causes a chain reaction of events winding up in significant damage and destruction.
  • The Kobayashi Maru: An action for which there is no successful way to prevent significant physical and/or psychological damage from occurring to all living creatures within 10-30 feet.