Take a moment to get comfortable
And take a seat in a tiny chair
In your classroom
Now that school is done for the day and
You have the room to yourself
Get as comfortable as you can
In the tiny chair
Remember to wipe down the tiny chair
When you’re done with this meditation
You could use Clorox wipes if
Your class parent was able to get
A fresh supply

Feel the weight of your body
On the tiny chair
Feel the breeze coming through
The two windows you could open
In your classroom
Remove your face shield
Remove your goggles
Close your eyes
And let go
Let go completely

Inhale and exhale
Focus on your breath
Feel grateful that
You can take a full breath
And inhale and exhale
Count to 100 by 10s
That’s the first standard
Within the Counting and Cardinality domain
Of the Common Core State Standards
For kindergarten
Nice work
Now try counting to 100 from any given number
Other than 1
That’s another standard
In the Counting and Cardinality domain
Good job
You’re still teaching these things
To five-year-olds while standing
Six feet apart from them

Breathe in, breathe out
Attend to any sensations you might be feeling
If you notice your mind wandering off at any point
Like if you start thinking about
Airborne droplets and the dangers of
Remember that you’re dressed like
Someone from the lab in Stranger Things
Which should help prevent
A droplets exchange

The moment you realize that you’re
Thinking about something like
How to comfort a child who is sad
While following CDC guidelines
Remember that school
Won’t always be like this

Then gently bring your attention back
To the body
And to the breath
That you can still take
Inhale and exhale
Feel your belly rise and fall
Feel the weight of your body
In the tiny chair
And when you feel ready
To keep trying
Open your eyes again