1. Your goal is to retrieve your treasure from a monstrous entity.

2. All you need is pen and paper, but expensive software makes it much easier.

3. The rules are constantly being updated, but they’re still shackled to a system from the 1970s.

4. You’re constantly referring back to an incomprehensible spreadsheet.

5. You’d have put more effort into your backstory if you knew it would be this important later.

6. Some classes have a much easier time than others, and it’s unclear why.

7. You’re drowning in acronyms.

8. Being a Cleric has its advantages.

9. If you’re a musician, this is going to be extra complicated.

10. Every check can result in a circumstantial bonus or a penalty.

11. Groups who can afford it hire an unsavory rogue to do their dirty work.

12. When in doubt, just round the number down.

13. If you want to get away with this bluff, you’d better come up with a damn good story.

14. Tread carefully. Traps are everywhere.

15. You’re unsure whether your opponent is Lawful or just Chaotic—but they’re definitely Evil.

16. There’s clearly some relationship between race and class. Bringing this up will divide the party.

17. You should really familiarize yourself with the charts and appendices. (But you won’t.)

18. You’re leaning heavily on that one improv class you took.

19. You’ve lost track of how many potions you’ve consumed while trying to finish this thing.

20. No matter how much experience you have, it always takes longer than you think.

21. You’ll either be rewarded with great riches or imprisoned for your follies.

22. In the end, you just have to roll the dice.

- - -

Dungeons & Dragons: 1-22
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