To our loyal customers,

We felt compelled by societal pressures to let you know that, we too, stand against racism.

These are scary, and understandably, trying times — not just for us, a very large international products company trying to push forward through a pandemic — but also for our black countrymen and countrywomen. We stand in solidarity with our fellow citizens as they fight for equal rights and justice.

Here at COMMERCE CORP, we believe firmly in the principles of diversity and inclusion. While we currently employ no black people, nor have we in the history of our existence, we want to be crystal clear that we are fully against the scourge of racism. Inequality must be stopped and everyone should be given equal access to the American Dream. Should a black person ever work here, they’ll be sure to tell you about our fervent commitment to these beliefs.

We look to build a stronger relationship with black communities as we have stores opening up in many developing neighborhoods across the nation. With our new brick-and-mortars springing up over dated, underequipped local favorites, we hope to become the new one-stop-shop in these communities. Please consider these safe spaces — consider us your neighbors — as long as you’re buying something.

Silence is compliance, so we wanted to make sure you heard from us quickly and before we returned to posting our incredibly expensive Instagram ads. We stand with our black customers as allies, and now that you’ve received this message, we hope that you can support us too.

In lieu of donating to any organizations, we felt it would be better to give the money directly to you in the form of an online promotion. Enter BLACKLIVESMATTER2020 at checkout for 15% off and free shipping on all U.S. orders. This promotion will run until the end of the week.

Thank you for always buying from COMMERCE CORP.

We’ll get through this together!