Texas is good.
I love the place.
You can barbecue.
You can golf.
I like dogs.
I feel safe.

Do you feel safe?
If so, that’s good.
Some folks need dogs
to protect their place.
I like golf.
Do you like barbecues?

I do. I love barbecued
Texas beef—yes, it’s safe!
Do you golf?
I do. Golf is pretty good.
I’ve played all over the place.
Do you have dogs?

Spotty and Barney are my dogs.
They like barbecues.
Once I won second place
in a grill-off. Are dogs safe?
I think so. Dogs are good.
Almost as good as golf.

I said almost! Golf
is better than dogs
because while dogs are good
golf is a bit better. I barbecue
pretty often. I have a big wall safe.
It’s in the same place

that Reagan used when this place
was his. Reagan loved golf.
The combo to my wall safe
is … top secret! I love my dogs.
I love this Weber barbecue.
Are women good?

I think so. A good woman helps you find your place.
I really like barbecues, traveling, and golf.
Do you love dogs? I feel safe.