Investment opportunity! Own a piece of the hottest retail destination to hit the Las Vegas strip: Slutty Dresses.


Description of business
You may have to be clothed, but nobody can tell you how little to wear. Slutty Dresses will cater to the woman who believes that what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas, offering dresses for every type of slut you wish to portray.

Slutty Dresses is unique in that it offers sizing based on body size and desired skirt length. The standard line of Slutty Dresses runs from size 000 to size 14, with skirt sizes ranging from “Bum Line” to 6 (inches below the butt). Our line of Voluptuous Dresses will fit the size 16 to size 52 woman who’s too much of a good thing. The Midget Slutty Dresses line caters to our more diminutive, yet fully sexualized shoppers.

Slutty Dresses will go beyond the need for dresses. In our Slutty Accessories department, shoppers can find earrings, necklaces, rings and anklets. Unique to Slutty Accessories will be a line of customized belts designed to hold yard-long drinks so consumers may carry their beverages up and down the strip, yet keep hands free for texting, drunk dialing, and giving high fives to strangers.

Our Walk of Shame shoe department will elevate shoppers to new levels. We have all styles of shoes, from spike heels to platform spike heels, to high-heeled booties that’ll make customers look dated before you leave the store. All of our shoes are custom-designed to make ladies’ legs look impossibly long, yet be comfortable enough to party the night away without ever needing to take them off.

We plan to be located in a prominent mall space along the Las Vegas Strip, as well as have outlets in select hotels. We will work with our hotel partners to provide dress samples as part of the hotel room mini-bar experience; guest room closets will contain a dress that the guest may purchase simply by adding it to her room bill. Additionally, our website,, will be a full-service e-commerce mirror of our in-store experience.

While Forever 21 has a presence on the Strip, it does not fully cater to this demographic as well as Slutty Dresses will. Also, the Riviera Hotel & Casino has a clothing outlet tied to its topless revue, but that store caters more toward a tasteless demographic. Our clientele never really goes past the Wynn anyway, so this store is not expected to generate much competition.

Operating procedures
Slutty Dresses will be open from noon to midnight, seven days a week. Additionally, our tailoring service will have a 24-hour drop-off box to mend tears and remove stains.

Slutty Dresses’ management team has extensive experience in club wear. Our staff includes designers, models, dancers, and emotionally stunted 20- and 30-somethings who wish they were back in high school or college. Our sales associates will be steeped in the knowledge of slutty dresses and will be fully equipped in proper sizing and accessorizing of our entire line of clothing.

Get in on the ground floor of this retail empire! Contact for more information.