Paxton, 26, is an organ harvester from Lexington, MA. He dreams of one day getting his pilot’s license so he can expand his business across all 43 of these United States.

Dayton, 27, is a fun-loving professional disc-golf player who is saving his heart for the right woman and the tattooable surface of his skin for the right branded opportunity.

Oren, 30, is a natural gas systems engineer in the sunny archipelago of Houston, TX. He loves puns, dogs, and diving for lost family heirlooms.

Donnie, 26, is a part-time streamcore DJ who works for DankBev, Haliburton’s energy-drink subsidiary.

Logan E, 28, hails from Celebration, FL. He was surrendered as an indenture to Disney when his parents could not pay their mortgage because of his father’s costly cancer treatment. He loves Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and all Marvel properties. He is almost free. Mom, Dad, if you’re out there, come find me. I—

Jared, 29, is an “entrepreneur” who is fluent in sarcasm.

Jacob, 30, is a brand consultant and philanthropist. He founded a nonprofit factory in his hometown that allows underprivileged children to work to earn money for shoes.

Noah, 28, is a political consultant who is no longer allowed to enter the continent of Europe.

Logan S, 31, is a full-time plasma donor and nationally registered Blood Boy™ who loves fishing, reading, and volunteering for Firefighters Without Borders.

Logan V, 25, is a male model and world traveler who loves to rip it up on the dance floor. He met the last living elephant, Josie, before she was tragically killed by a malfunctioning Amazon delivery drone.

Mason A, 29, is an oral surgery livestreamer with over eight hundred teeth. He has two pet turtles.

Mason D, 27, is a freelance social worker who lives in a condemned building in Seattle, WA. His hobbies include rat-watching, rat-skinning, and making rat stew with his 11 housemates.

Liam, 30, is a security professional. From 2037 to 2039, he interned with Elon Musk’s private execution team, personally murdering hundreds of Tesla employees for thought crimes and time theft.

David, 33, is a professional eSports athlete, and the former CFO of a for-profit penal colony on the surface of the moon.

Scott, 31, is a geologist who spends his free time at sea, searching for California.