“With his legal options dwindling and time running out before a key electoral college deadline, President Trump on Thursday ramped up pressure on the Supreme Court to help overturn Joe Biden’s victory, gaining the support of more than 100 congressional Republicans in the unprecedented assault on the U.S. election system.” — Washington Post, 12/10/20

- - -

Yesterday more people died from COVID than died on 9/11, but in the grand scheme of things, that’s okay because so many freedom-fighting Republicans are working hard to overthrow democracy and hysterically warn us about the real threat to America: socialism.

While countries like Iceland, New Zealand, and Taiwan have successfully contained the virus with sensible policies and universal National Health Insurance, the United States has offered no coordinated federal response to the pandemic thanks to the GOP’s aversion to anything associated with socialized medicine. Instead, we get Republican attorneys general bringing baseless lawsuits to install Donald Trump as president even though he lost the election, and visionaries like Mike Pence rejecting universal healthcare and shrieking about the radical left.

In Finland, which is run by women who never bragged about their penis size or had frenzied fits about the word socialism, the Coronavirus response has been praised as one of the best in Europe. But even with their effective women leaders, Finland is sadly lacking anyone like Republican Josh Hawley, who confusingly rants that Democrats are both Marxists and corporate shills while questioning the legality of legal ballots.

It’s fine if thousands of people are dying every day in America, just so long as Republicans like Jim Jordan can both argue against the peaceful transition of power and accuse Dr. Anthony Fauci of hating Christmas.

Does a universal healthcare system help countries respond to the pandemic? Yes, of course it does. But here in the United States, which, again, is losing thousands of people a day to the virus, we have something even better: Kelly Loeffler, who can recite the phrase “radical liberal” fourteen times in one debate to defame a politician who actually supports affordable healthcare.

But the loss of human life is not the only catastrophe caused by the coronavirus. Millions of Americans have also lost their jobs, but that doesn’t matter as long as Senator Ron Johnson can still moan about Democrats’ crazy socialist policies while begrudging struggling Americans $600, and Arizona Republicans can still ask Americans if they’re willing to die to overturn Trump’s election loss.

After 2,977 Americans died in 9/11, the United States went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, created the Department of Homeland Security, built the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, and enacted the Patriot Act. More than 290K Americans have died from Coronavirus. Still, it’s okay as long as Ted Cruz can declare he’ll defend Donald Trump in Texas AG Ken Paxton’s specious effort to invalidate votes in swing states, and also share radical left train memes. Very helpful, Ted!

With weeks left until Joe Biden’s inauguration, Donald Trump has done little to help ordinary Americans cope with the devastating effects of the pandemic, but that doesn’t matter because he has hosted multiple mask-less events, lied about providing life-saving drugs to dying Americans, and has taken credit for vaccines developed by immigrants, Black Americans, and the doctors he’s attacked and denigrated.

In the end, the important thing to remember, as we lose thousands of people every day to a virus whose uncontrolled spread was containable, is that Trump has been working overtime to “Stop the Steal” of an election he lost by more than 6.5 million votes, along with his side hustle of caterwauling endlessly about the radical left, socialism, and Antifa.

Everything is fine. Totally and completely fine!