1. Presentable, resilient, reliable

2. Wide carriage

3. Superficial streaking over exterior contours

4. Can support multiple passengers and handles heavy loads

5. Interior is generally clean, not new

6. Slower startup in colder months

7. Manages a variety of terrain with standard effort

8. Warm and toasty on the inside

9. Demands little/minor care outside of annual maintenance

10. Practical, not fancy

11. No nonsense, gets the job done

12. Undercarriage well maintained

13. Some chronic, monthly leakages, but do not impact performance

14. Unlike newer, shinier, sleeker models, Dave, this one’s actually accessible and at a lower, long-term cost

15. List of previous drivers available upon request

- - -

My 2003 Honda CR-V: 1-15
My 35-Year Old Body: 1-15