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 An article from Breitbart news

 Mix up of “Muslim” for “Islam” or vice versa

 Selfie with gun

 A comparison of Hillary to Hitler in response to an article that compares Trump to Hitler followed by insistence that it’s the same

 A reminder that all lives matter

 Softball team pic showing that they have changed their beer of choice to Budweiser for the summer

 “I usually don’t like to post anything political but…”

 A post that mentions both the glory of America being the land of freedom and “lock her up!” in the same sentence

 An inspirational picture of a mountain and/or river with a quote by Ronald Reagan

 Town philanderer’s treatise on the sanctity of marriage

 Misspelling of the word “unconstitutional”

 Background of profile picture changed to flag of socialist country that was hated until attacked

 A reminder that you may either love it or leave it

 Biblical quote followed by desire to build wall

 Racial slur or sexist comment followed by relief that age of political correctness has come to an end

 Someone discovering Ann Coulter for first time and encouraging others to “check out her books because she makes so much sense”

 Picture of Trump daughter with multiple comments calling her hot