1. Have the leaves begun their colorful transformation?
2. Are cooler temperatures sweeping into the forecast?
3. Is flannel clothing popping up everywhere?
4. Do your food stores contain sufficient wheat, oats, and cured meats to see your kin through winter?
5. Has college football kicked off its first game of the season?
6. Did a temporary Halloween shop move into a vacant strip mall?
7. Did an improperly latched silo door lead wolves to decimate your food rations?
8. Are pumpkin-flavored coffee specials back on the menu?
9. Did your favorite fall sitcom return with new episodes?
10. Do the ramifications of the wolf raid keep you tossing in your rough-hewn straw mattress?
11. Is your local corn maze open for business?
12. Are you prepared to do what is necessary should baby Josiah succumb to the harsh grasp of winter?
13. Did you move your sweaters out of storage yet?
14. Are you questioning your god?
15. Did you make plans to go apple picking?
16. Can you live with the weight of your sins?
17. Have you taken a selfie in a pumpkin patch?